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DegreeC introduces the F660, the smallest fully-integrated I2C airflow sensor

In embedded electronic systems, airflow performance governs system operation and reliability.  To measure this in real-time, Degree Controls, Inc. has released the F660, the smallest fully integrated, board-solderable airflow and air temperature sensor on the market.  By putting air velocity and temperature monitoring onto the printed circuit board itself, Degree Controls’ customers are optimizing products at a new level.  Communicating over the client’s I2C or UART bus, design-in is quick and easy, and up to 16 sensors can be addressed for multi-point applications. OEM’s developing products where filter clog, intake blockage, or DC power regulator efficiency must be optimized, or those who build projectors, lab equipment, or critical containment systems, turn to the F660 to optimize and measure flow in real-time.  More than ever,  OEM’s need to know what kind of environment their products reside in, in the field,  and use the F660 to measure intake airflow and temperature to insure it is within specification, so warranty issues are mitigated or dispute-free. The F660 is the most versatile air velocity sensor on the market and represents the latest innovation from Degree Controls to meet these emerging market realities.






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