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Analyze environmental data efficiently and monitor your critical facilities with our specialized
software platforms. We have developed a user-friendly data logging, graphing, and analytics
platform for your sensors, built for collaboration with universal reporting and online sharing
using our web application for the PC and mobile device. If you manage a mission-critical
facility, our infrastructure management software provides real-time insights of thermal
conditions and remote automation capabillities for cooling assets.


Core Competencies:

  • Multi-channel Sensor Aggregation
  • Air Velocity, Flow, Temperature & Humidity Data Logging
  • Real-time Analysis & Reporting Capabilities
  • Remote Access to your Data
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Testing
  • Thermal Visibility Tools for Controlled Facility Environments
  • Remote Infrastructure Monitoring & Cooling Asset Controls


»   Data Acquisition, Reporting & Analytics

Designed for compatibility with our sensor technologies and data acquisition instruments, our software enables real-time, multi-channel analysis of sensor and instrument data. Software enables robust analysis of thermal, air velocity and humidity data in critical applications requiring precision. Data is logged in real-time and can be reported or shared to other users with our web application:

accutrac plus software graph screen 150thumbnail   

AccuTracTM Plus - Data Acquisition Software

A premier software platform for graphing, logging, and analyzing sensor data with no technical expertise required. Collaborate with colleagues across the globe on your mobile device or PC with our convenient web-based application.

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»   Cooling Infrastructure Management for Mission-Critical Facilities

For data centers and mission-critical facilities, our Demand Based Cooling system enables remote monitoring of thermal conditions, custom automation protocols for failure scenarios and thermal spikes, and real-time controls for cooling assets ranging from fan trays to air handler units:

facility cooling resource manager    

Demand Based Cooling (DBC) - Infrastructure Management

Our complete cooling infrastructure management software, replete with automation protocols, provides rack-level diagnostics and real-time infrastructure asset insights on the PC or mobile device. In conjunction with our intelligent fan trays and cooling infrastructure products, DBC has been shown to yield up to 40% energy savings while ensuring thermal safety of IT assets.

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»   Environmental Monitoring

Outfit your facility, room or relay station with a sensor network and software controls for real-time, remote monitoring from your mobile device or laptop:

thermal sensor network    

Thermal Sensor Network

Thermal sensor network and software system for facility-wide visibility of temperature conditions in real-time. Software enables remote monitoring from the PC or mobile device for mission-critical environments including data centers, cleanroom facilities, cell huts and telecommunication shelters. 

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