Multipoint Data Acquisition Software

Used with the DegreeC °C Port3600, °C Port1200, °C SPAR and USB-based airflow and temperature sensors, the AccuTrac™ Plus Software collects airflow and temperature data in real-time. AccuTrac™ Plus enables users to display graphs and reports, archive, print, export or share data in common file formats to multiple users on the web. The Windows®-based AccuTrac™ Plus Software turns your PC into a powerful test and analysis system. Increased accuracy can be achieved by adjusting sampling rates of the UAS & UTS sensors to fit your test environment in real-time. The user-friendly software toolset increases measurement visibility, reduces testing time, and enables complex experiment scenarios and analyses.

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  • Collect and record real-time, Air Velocity, Temperature and Humidity data at 36 locations simultaneously.
  • Save/Export data in universal (.xls) file format.

  • Create custom labels for sensors for easy tracking

  • Easy-to-use graphing and reporting tools

  • Calibration date and flow range of sensors are automatically displayed
  • Automate data collection or manually alter experiment parameters
  • °C Port3600 users can remotely access data on mobile devices with our web application.


Applications By Industry

  • laboratory & research
    • Laminar & sash flow profile measurement

    • HEPA filter testing
    • NSF/ANSI-49 compliance

    • Canopy & chemical fume hoods design

    • Biosafety cabinet design & validation
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  • Telecommunications
    • Remote environmental data logging

    • Thermal trending in IT racks and equipment

    • Surface condensation and humidity analysis

    • Ventilation system commissioning

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  • Aerospace
    • Interior cabin comfort testing

    • Air balancing for personal comfort

    • Ventilation system testing and analysis

    • Computational fluid dynamics testing

    • Thermal trending in engine compartments

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  • transportation
    • Interior cabin comfort optimization

    • Air balancing (TABS)

    • Thermal design validation

    • Prototype testing
    • Airflow & thermal trending in engine compartments 

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  • information technology
    • PCB air impedance testing 

    • Server fan analysis

    • Computational fluid dynamics testing

    • Thermal Design validation
    • Filter clog testing

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  • data center
    • IT Rack Temperature Measurement

    • Perforated floor tile airflow (CFM) measurement

    • Server exhaust/intake analysis

    • Computational Fluid Dynamics Testing
    • Containment aisle flow validation

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  • food service
    • Industrial Food Service Equipment Certification

    • Ventilation System Testing

    • Ductwork analysis

    • OSHA compliance

    • Personnel comfort zone evaluation

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  • hvac
    • Personal Comfort Zone Testing

    • Air balancing (TABS)

    • Heat exchanger multipoint analysis

    • HEPA filter testing

    • Ductwork & Ventilation System Commissioning
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weblink Compatible USB Sensors for Air Velocity, Humidity & Temperature



Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows 2000/XP/7/8 OS

  • 50 MB free disk space

  • 1.0 GHz processor

  • 2 GB Ram

  • Ethernet network connection

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